The Very Flexible Catalog
A face-to-face flexible learning space utilizes three essential areas of furniture for personal and social engagement: 
  1. Personalized & Collaborative Furniture- laying, sitting, standing, and wiggling while working independently or in groups;
  2. AV Furniture & Visual Communications- walls that talk using AV, and a variety of fixed and mobile displays, boards, and furniture;
  3. Mobile Storage- places organized for each student, and for the variety of room materials, books, tools, and technology- on casters.
Personalized &
Collaborative Furniture
AV Furniture &
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture >  Task Seating
Trax Stool - Retro Style
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture >   Kinesthetic Seating
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture >  Soft Seating
Cocoon - Media Campfire
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture >   Sit to Stand Desks & Tables
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture >  Collaboration Tables (The Shape Shifters)
Tablet Side Table 
Used with Soft Furniture
AV Furniture >   Mobile Presentation Station

Presentation Station (coming soon) -
Concept of the Mobile Presentation Station

Visual Communications >  Whiteboards • Easels • Glassboards
Sharewall - Full Wall Whiteboards
Visual Communications >   Tackboards and Room Dividers
Tackboards - 100% Recycled Rubber board shown here
Mobile Storage >   Student Storage
Personal student storage as an alternative to assigned desk storage
Mobile Storage >  General Mobile Storage Cabinets • Mobile Bookcases
Mobile Room Storage Cabinet
(Coming Soon)
Mobile Storage >  Power Towers • Tablet/Laptop Carts • 3D Printer Carts
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